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Sighnaghi – “the city of love” is in Kakheti, this is the eastern part of Georgia, about 120 km from the capital of Tbilisi.
The whole city is built on hills, from here a beautiful view of the pride of Kakheti vineyards of the Alazani Valley opens.
The ancient city buildings are perfectly preserved. The architectural ensemble includes a four-kilometer city wall and a fortress whose construction began during the reign of the legendary Queen Tamar, and was completed already under the reign of Irakli II in the 18th century. The fortress is a gigantic structure occupying an area of ​​forty hectares. Despite the venerable age of the structures, the two-tier walls of the fortress impress the imagination with its grandeur and power. Powerful watchtowers and buttresses of the fortress are buried in the greenery framing this magnificence.
In ancient times, many Georgian settlements had defensive functions, so Signagi was built to withstand the raids of Lezghian and Persian conquerors.
Today the city has changed. The ancient architecture was supplemented by modern buildings inscribed in the old style of the city. The city is open to tourists from all over the world, residents are ready to meet guests with a traditional feast and treat them to Georgian wine.
Sighnaghi is famous for wine cellars, where you can hear many different stories about winemaking and listen to Georgian live music, tasting different dishes of national cuisine.
Sighnaghi is the most romantic city in Georgia and it is not for nothing that it is called the city of love.
It should be noted that it is here that the famous Wedding Palace is located. The palace is famous for the fact that at any time of the day, any day, without any statement, queue and waiting, you can marry with your loved one. The exterior of the building creates an atmosphere of romance and love.
Sighnaghi is still a city of love because there is a village nearby Mirzaani, in which the famous Georgian artist of the twentieth century, Niko Pirosmani, was born. It is said that for the sake of his beloved woman he sold everything he had and bought a million red roses, as it is sung in a famous song.
In the village there is a museum where paintings of the great master of painting are exhibited.

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