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Kinchkha waterfall

Beautiful place in western Georgia. Thing that worth seing are: waterfall itself, road to waterfall and Okatse canyon.
Now, one by one:

  • You can notice beautiful views long before you start mountain climb. Road in a valley with it’s tiny mountain pass is nothing short than beautiful. Even if you are behind a steering wheel, you feel charm of this place. Before mountain climb/ascent starts there will be a good spot for photos on a bridge across river.
    Acent itself deserves separate mentioning. It is one of the steepest ascents with concrete road in wester Georgia. Be sure to choose right car for this trip. Prefer turbo, rumor has it many cars have defficulties because of thin mountain air. It is sheer joy to ride this road, but we do recommend to have experienced driver behind steering wheel.
  • Waterfall Kinchkha – waterfall itself is marvelous. Water comes down from glacier and falls down forming waterfall. For visitor convenience there are observation paths and platforms. Travel is easy and convenient.
  • Canyon Okatse – shallow corridor filled with water. Descent place to see or to climb.

Price and working hours

Kinchkha working hours

Monday No
Other days 10:00 – 18:00

Ticket prices

less than 6 free
6-18 years 5.5 GEL
Georgian citizens 10.35 GEL
foreign guests 17.25 GEL

One of teachers in student group has a privilege for free pass.

How to find Kinchkha

From city of Khoni follow road to willage Kveda Kinchkha, then go up.

Video: Kinchkha
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