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Georgia - Tsqaltubo - Spring №6: Radon bath


The city whose name can be found on bottles of mineral water around the world. Borjomi. Little about the city Borjomi city to the whole world is famous for its mineral water. However, water can be bought at almost any store in the world. We propose to pay attention to the city of Borjomi as […]


The resort town of Tskhaltubo is located in the western part of Georgia, in the Imereti region. The first mentions of Tskhaltubo date back to the XII century AD. Kings and wealthy merchants came here to heal from various diseases in water sources. The most well-known Tskhaltuba radon sources that have gained great popularity since […]


Bakhmaro is mountain resort located in Chokhatauri municipality. It is 1900-2050 meters high above sea level. Bakhmaro has mild climate with rather warm winter and cool summer. Pure mountain air mixed with sea breeze makes perfect mix to heal respiratory problems and to cure central neural system. Best time to visit Bakhmaro is July and […]


Nabeglavi mineral water springs can be found in Chokhatauri municipality in western Georgia. Nabeglavi village is on river Gubazeuli. Mineral springs have volcanic origin. Water in this springs has healing and prophylactic impact on human health. It also has very specific taste. Nabeglavi water has no age restrictions. If consumed systematically this water can help […]


Lashichala mountain resort Georgia is a good place for health and resort. There are lots of regions with unique healing capabilities as such: magnetic sands, mineral waters or radon baths. Region called Racha-Lechkhumi is famed with its balneological resorts. These resorts have mineral waters rich with iron oxide. Most of these mineral waters have are […]