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Beautiful resort in the western part of Georgia, in Adjara on the Black Sea coast. A small cozy resort on the coast is well suited for a family holiday. There are no industrial buildings, only hotels and ten kilometers of a beach covered with shallow (and sometimes even large) pebbles. If you decide to rest in Georgia in Kobuleti, you should know the following:

Holidays in Kobuleti – sea holidays.

Georgia - Kobuleti - Seafront

Kobuleti’s sea subtropical air is good for treating patients with cardiovascular diseases, and for any healthy person it is very useful. Kobuleti has a small peculiarity, due to the fact that the Black Sea is sometimes quite restless, there is a large high breakwater along the entire coastline, and an embankment behind it. As you understand, living completely by the sea will not work. Even residents of the first line of hotels will have to walk these 50 meters on foot.

Kobuleti Beach

Georgia - Kobuleti - Sea view

Covering the beach – pebbles that suits many. It is pleasant to walk on it, and from time to time you can find beautiful pebbles in the pebbles. Having come to the beach you can find your favorite types of marine entertainment: boating, jet skiing, parasail (parasailing), banana riding and other sea joys.

Entertainment in Kobuleti

Near the city there is an amusement park Tsitsinatela. Here you can ride the Ferris wheel, as well as find other favorite attractions. From Kobuleti, you can go along the seashore to Batumi or neighboring villages: to Gonio, Tsikhisdziri, Green Cape (Mtsvane-Kontskhi), look at the Peter Fortress and the Botanical Garden of Batumi.

Cafes and restaurants.

There is a lot of various food here. Khinkali, kebabs and other dishes of Georgian cuisine. Prices are surprisingly moderate. For those who have a family vacation, we recommend buying groceries and water in the store in advance so as not to pay more expensively in a cafe along the coast.

Prices for holidays in Kobuleti

Hotels in Kobuleti

There are only three main streets in Kobuleti, and they run parallel to the sea. The streets are not wide, one lane to each side. Closest to the beaches is Quay Street, behind it is the David the Builder Street, and Rustaveli Street is considered to be a detour. As a rule, the closer the hotel is to the sea, the higher the price. There are many different hotels here.

Private Sector in Kobuleti

Due to the fact that Kobuleti is a resort town, locals are very willing to provide housing for rent. The private sector in Kobuleti works according to the same rules as hotels. The closer to the sea, the more expensive. is easy as pie.

Transport and location
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