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Holy Trinity Temple (Tsminda Sameba)

Georgia - Tbilisi - Holy Trinity Cathedral

The largest temple in Georgia. It is also one of the most beautiful.
The temple was built in a very beautiful place on the mountainside.
The temple was founded in 1995 and was built on donations.
In 2002, the first service was already held.

Georgia - Tbilisi - Holy Trinity cathedral view
First of all, the temple impresses with its beauty and monumentality.
Going inside it seems that the ceiling goes somewhere high, high up. Partly because the height of the temple is 68 meters, it is approximately 23 floors.
Around the temple is a beautiful, well-groomed territory, it is pleasantly located here and a beautiful view of the city opens from here.

Coming to Tbilisi, we recommend visiting the temple of the Holy Trinity.
Georgia - Tbilisi - Holy Trinity cathedral yard

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