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Gvirishi waterfall in Lechkhumi

There are lots of beautiful things in Georgia. In Racha-Lechkhumi region there is Gvirishi waterfall. It was named after village Kveda Gvirishi (Lower Gvirishi). Water flows from mountain top and falls in river Lajanuri (named after Lajana village). River Lajanuri ends up in river Rioni.

Rafting on Rioni

River Rioni attracts rafters from all over the world. Usually it’s four day rafting trip:

  • First day starts in town called Ambrolauri. There is a lake called Shaori which you should visit to see. This river section has strong flow, so rafting goes very fast;
  • Second day rafts go to town Alpana;
  • Third day rafts go to river Gvirishi and have a stay for canyoning;
  • Final day is hardest river section which lasts up to Tvishi canyon.
Gvirishi Waterfall in Lechkhumi, Georgia

Interesting facts about Gvirishi

Village Kveda Gvirishi is also known for endemic wheat that grow here. Key value of this wheat is that it is resistant to fungal infections. This feature makes wheat invaluable in countries with hot and wet climate. Georgia and Gvirishi in particular is one of the oldest sources of endemic wheat cultures, such as: “Zandura”, “Dika”, “Tsiteli doli”.

Gvirishi Waterfall in Lechkhumi, Georgia - Observarion platform

How to get to Gvirishi waterfall

If you arrived to Tbilisi it would be good to plan 2-3 day trip and book hotel in Kutaisi or Tsageri. Traveling through Tsageri you can observe Gelaveri and Orbeli mountain pass. Then you should pass through town Alpana and accend to Kveda Gvirishi.
We would also recommend to visit Tvishi canyons.

Video: Gvirishi
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