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The city whose name can be found on bottles of mineral water around the world. Borjomi.

Little about the city

Borjomi city to the whole world is famous for its mineral water. However, water can be bought at almost any store in the world.
We propose to pay attention to the city of Borjomi as a resort. The city is built on the banks of the river. On the streets a lot of greenery. Borjomi is built in a valley, so mountains are rising around it.

Borjomi is a very cozy resort.

Accommodation in Borjomi

Here you can find housing for every taste. There are hotels with a class up to 4 stars. There are cheap hostels. Also offer the private sector.
If you are going to rent private housing in Borjomi, then be sure to ask for full information and agree on the conditions in advance. It also does not hurt to immediately clarify in what currency calculations will be conducted.
Book a hotel in Borjomi is quite simple, almost all local hotels post information on the websites of major .
In general, it is nice to be here.

There are many different cafes and restaurants in the city. In restaurants we recommend checking the bill, you can leave a tip.
In Borjomi there is a kind of culinary highlight – jam from cones, tasty.
You can take a walk around the city with pleasure. Like Kutaisi, the city is stretched along the river.

What to see in the city of Borjomi

The most famous is the mineral waters of Borjomi. The source of water can be found in the city park. Here you can ride on the cable car. We recommend taking a photo near the waterfall.
In the farthest part of the park you can find a sulfur pool. In the summer there you can really swim. In winter, you can also swim in the sulfur pool. The water temperature in winter is around 26 degrees.

In addition to the city, there is also the Borjomi National Park. In fact, this is a huge reserve. This park deserves a separate story.

Georgia - Railroad `Borjomi - Bakuriani`

Borjomi – Bakuriani railway is one of the local attractions. Some specially come here to ride.

Of course, as in any Georgian city, there are fortresses here: Petre (Peter) fortress and Gogia fortress. We recommend to visit both. The first is well preserved, and the second is a great view of the city.

There is a museum in the city.

Transport and location
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