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Gudauri road


Gudauri is popular Georgian ski resort near Tbilisi (in around 100-120km or 70-75 miles). It is better to go there by car and to have a photo or action camera with you, better both. Gudauri is open during winter season. Besides traditional downhill skiing there is also HeliSki available, where you jump on slope from […]


Mountain resort of Bakuriani is located in the heart of Georgia, on the border of Kartli and Samtskhe-Dzhaveheti the famous Borjomi gorge. Bakuriani means – “Sun Valley” and the sun shines almost 200 days a year. Climate in Bakuriani The temperature is +18° / +25° C (64° / 77° F ) in summer and around […]


The region of Svaneti is divided into upper and lower Svaneti. Upper Svaneti is a high mountain region, its center is the city of Mestia. Lower Svaneti is closer to Lechkhumi. About Svaneti Svaneti is one of the corners of Georgia, where ancient traditions are preserved. If you describe Svaneti in a few words, these […]