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Mountain resort of Bakuriani is located in the heart of Georgia, on the border of Kartli and Samtskhe-Dzhaveheti the famous Borjomi gorge. Bakuriani means – “Sun Valley” and the sun shines almost 200 days a year.

Climate in Bakuriani

The temperature is +18° / +25° C (64° / 77° F ) in summer and around -6° / -8° C (21° / 17° F) in winter. There is very comfortable environment for skiing. Snow is stable 60 cm (2 feet) thick during whole season, which lasts from November to March.

Despite the fact that the Bakuriani is located 180 kilometers from Tbilisi, it is very popular among tourists in winter. Skiers from all over the world come here to get unforgettable memories.

Ski slopes in Bakuriani

Today, the ski resort of Bakuriani has 8 well-equipped trails.

“Old springboard”

For starters, there is circular track 300 meters (1000 feet) long, where beginners can safely practice. Slope does not exceed 10-12 degrees all the way. You can get here by using the lift.


The newest ski slope in Bakuriani. It is located on one of the highest peaks in Europe – Sakveli. There are several trails on the mountain. At the mountain foot there is a wonderful restaurant, as long as equipment rent station.
After you go up first elevator you can go down the red or blue route with maximum length of 4 kilometers (2,5 miles).
Second stop is almost at the top of the mountain, where you can take tough black or red routes.
At the bottom there is a cafe, that serves delicious and fragrant coffee.

“Kokhta 1”

The route has two steps and quite difficult to pass. At the top of the mountain slope is 52 degrees. The total length of 1500 meters.


The track is located at an altitude of 2155 meters above sea level. There are a cable car with a double seat and two lifts. Here are two trails: red and black, they start at top and go to the middle of the cable car route, below that begin blue and baby slopes.

In addition to the ski slopes there are three ski jump – 45, 70 and 90 meters and the track for luge, length of 1350 meters. In addition Bakuriani have place for fans of the track and cross-country skiing.
If you like skating there is a park and ice rink in the hotel “Eden”. Most adorable ice rink looks in the dark, when music starts playing and huge number of lights are lit.

Where to stay in Bakuriani

There are a lot of people in the season. Both tourists and holidaymakers come from Georgia itself. We recommend to book a hotel in Bakuriani in advance via the Internet or by phone.

The hills and plains around Bakuriani is ideal for snowmobiling. If you prefer the relics – the sleigh, pulled by horses is traditional transport in Bakuriani.

For lovers of the extreme sports there is paragliding. It is truly spectacular to see mountains from above.

It is possible have rest in Bakuriani at summer time. Healthy air saturated with pure oxygen, as well as crystal clear water all this will help to improve health and raise immunity. For children there is the amusement park.

Not far from the pass there is a source of mineral water Mitarbi. This calcium-sodium hydrogen carbonate mineral water is used for treatment of chronic gastritis, stomach ulcers, colitis, pancreatitis and hepatitis.
5 kilometers (3 miles) from Bakuriani there is Timotes Ubani monastery, that was built in the X-th century.

You can also use narrow-gauge railway to go to another nearby resort of Borjomi or some other cities in Georgia.

Transport and location
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