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Makhuntseti waterfall

Makhuntseti waterfall is located in western Georgia, in Ajdarian mountains, 30 km near Batumi.
To get to waterfall you have to cross Tamar the Great’s bridge. There are a lot of legends told about this bridge. One tells that this bridge was built in XII century. Core construction is made of stone reinforced with lime. Unfortunately in time bridge deteriorates so lots of repairs were made. Marks of resent repairs can be seen on stones. Most recent repairs were made in 2008.
Bridge is 28 m (84ft) long and 6m (24ft) high.
On the right of river Acharistskhali there is fifty meter high waterfall. Falling water forming small lake where everybody can take a swim to experience refreshing effect of water.
After that you can taste traditional Georgian food or enjoy exquisite nature beauty.

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