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Dmanisi archeological museum

Location of Dmanisi

Dmanisi is located in the eastern part of Georgia in the highlands, at an altitude of about 1250 meters. Summer comes later than in neighboring Bolnisi. There is something interesting in every part of the city. Beautiful mountains, the valley of the river Mashavera, beautiful lakes and the architecture of Dmanisi with its archeology. The most famous are the ruins of Old Dmanisi in the east of the city.
Dmanisi fortress is located at the mouth of two rivers – Mashavera and Finnesur. The fortress was very big, but now only ruins are left from it.

Dmanisi history

The castle was built before the medieval era, which is confirmed by some buildings that are still preserved on its territory. The church, which was built in the 6th or 7th century, has survived to the present day. In the 18th century, the church was completely renovated.
From the 9th century, Dmanisi was in the hands of the Arabs, the Muslim states, the Seljuks. The fortress was important because the Great Silk Road passed through it. In 1123, David the Builder returned the city of Georgia. At that time, people of different nationalities lived in Dmanisi, including Georgians, Arabs, Armenians, Mongols and Russians. Despite this, Dmanisi remains a Christian city with its own laws and habits. This continued until the end of the 14th century, when Dmanisi was captured by Tamerlane, and the population was almost completely destroyed.
In the Middle Ages, Dmanisi was a very important shopping area. In those days, there were skilled craftsmen who were famous for their goods.

What to see in Dmanisi

Dmanisi Sioni

Dmanisi Cathedral was built in the 7th century. Archaeological research claims that since then the cathedral has been restored only once or twice. Today the cathedral operates, and regularly holds liturgies in the church.
There are not so many frescoes on the walls of the temple, but the old building itself is interesting here.
In Dmanisi, you can also see the ancient baths, which were visited by Queen Tamar herself. The buildings were built of stone and equipped with an advanced hot and cold water supply system.
Dmanisi Archaeological Museum is no less interesting. Here you can see the tomb, which was made by the Bronze Age.

Even today, the remains of Dmanisi have not yet been fully investigated. Many archaeologists from around the world work here.

How to get to Dmanisi?

You can get here by the Tbilisi-Bolnisi road, which goes to Armenia. Near the village of Didi Dmanisi (big Dmanisi) turn to the district center.

Transport and location
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