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Katskhi column

What is the Katskhi pillar?

Pillar Katskhi is a tall stone column on top of which a church was built. The abbot of the church lives in it all the time without going down.
The height of the column is forty meters. Today, an open iron staircase leads to the top. Anyone can climb it to the top. It is worth soberly assess their strength.

Georgia - Katskhi pillar - Church

Katskhi history

The history of Georgia has always been full of various conquests. In the past, churches have always been not only a spiritual center, but also a fortified structure.
The church on the pillar Katskhi was supposedly erected in the VII century AD. Even until recently, the top of the limestone column could only be reached with the help of special climbing equipment or with the help of a rope descending from above. In ancient times, the church was impregnable.
The church was abandoned until the end of the XIX century. Then a monk moved there and the restoration of the church began.

Georgia - Katskhi pillar - Landsacape
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