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To communicate in Georgia, you can use cellular communication, the Internet and mail.

Cellular operators in Georgia

There are three main mobile operators in Georgia: Magti, Geocell and Beeline.
Each operator has its own tariff plans. Magti has another line of tariffs.
The easiest way to come to the office of the operator and pick up a tariff. It is important to know that Magti has the best coverage. They also have 4G internet available.
The issue of coverage is especially important if you are going somewhere far to the mountains. For example at the resort Lashichala.

Magti has on sale something like stationary phones with a remote antenna. They cost not expensive, about 25 GEL, but they catch much better than ordinary phones. On a trip by car you can take with you.
Magti also has an “Unlimited” tariff at which you pay 25 GEL, get 1GB of Internet access, unlimited calls and SMS within the country. If you want to call abroad, it is worth connecting an additional service.

Another nuance phone in Georgia. You pay 0.2 GEL per month for using the number 112. This payment cannot be disabled.

Internet in Georgia

The Internet is there, a lot of it. Every hotel or hostel has WiFi. Of course, the quality can vary greatly, but as a rule there is enough for comfortable work on the Internet.
On the way, you can find the Internet in fast food restaurants. Strangely enough, in ordinary restaurants there is Internet, but less often. Cafe is also equipped with WiFi.

Mail in Georgia

Most of the world’s postal companies are represented in Georgia. The most common in the country is the Post of Georgia. It is remarkable that it has quite a lot of offices. The offices are well equipped. The staff speaks different languages.
There are networks like DHL, FedEx and others. However, the same DHL delivers only within the city. If you are a couple of kilometers from the city, you will have to drive for the package yourself. Plus in time of delivery. As a rule, the parcel comes in 3-5 days.

It is worth remembering that in Georgia there is a limit on the duty-free purchase of $ 150 (sort of) per month. If you order something more expensive, you will have to pay about 20 GEL for the service upon receipt by mail. You will be given a receipt and then you will have to pay 20% of the cost of the package with DELIVERY.

In general, it is convenient to use.