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The region of Svaneti is divided into upper and lower Svaneti. Upper Svaneti is a high mountain region, its center is the city of Mestia. Lower Svaneti is closer to Lechkhumi.

About Svaneti

Svaneti is one of the corners of Georgia, where ancient traditions are preserved. If you describe Svaneti in a few words, these are Mountains, Nature and Towers.
Here you can walk around and see the famous Svan towers. Take pictures of the beautiful mountain scenery. Come here to ski. There is even a direct air connection with Tbilisi.
For tourists, a good starting point in Svaneti will be Mestia. Relatively recently, a good tourist infrastructure was built in Svaneti. is very simple, it can be done via the Internet. Very well developed and the private sector. Many have horses for hire for horseback riding.
You can move around Svaneti on foot, on a horse or in a jeep. Jeep can be rented, but the price will be about $ 70 per day.

What you need to know about Svaneti

Arriving in Svaneti many are confused in the names. The fact is that the residents do not always call the point by the name of the village or city, sometimes they call the Svan name of the place or family that lives there.
Because of this, confusion arises. Tourists think that going to Becho means going to a village called Becho, which may mean going to the area where Becho lives.
For simplicity, you can imagine them as areas within a region.
There are the following areas: Mestia, Becho, Ipari, Adishi, Kala, Latali, Lakhamula, Lanjeri, Mulakhi, Nakra, Pari, Ushguli, Haishi, Zvirmi, Chumari, Chuberi and Etzeri.

How to get to Svaneti

From Tbilisi to Svaneti can be reached in two ways:
– minibus – will cost about 40 GEL, it will take about 6 hours;
– the plane – will cost 90 GEL, you will be on the spot for 30-40 minutes;

We recommend paying attention to the aircraft. In our opinion, this will save a lot of valuable time and effort.

From Kutaisi, Zugdidi and Batumi can be reached by shuttle.

Transport and location
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