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Lashichala mountain resort

Georgia is a good place for health and resort. There are lots of regions with unique healing capabilities as such: magnetic sands, mineral waters or radon baths.

Region called Racha-Lechkhumi is famed with its balneological resorts. These resorts have mineral waters rich with iron oxide. Most of these mineral waters have are for medical use.

Lashichala - bridge

One of the largest balneological resorts in Lechkhumi is Lashichala. This quiet resort is located in the valley

between two mountain ranges, right next to the river. Here you can swim in a cold and clean mountain river named Lajanuri, hike uphill, there you can enjoy freshness of clean mountain air with full lungs. But all those are just pleasant perks.

Primary value of this resort is water. Most of world balneological resorts have one or two types of mineral waters, but in Lashichala you can find at least seven different mineral springs. And each one of them has its own specific designation. Here you can find different waters for your liver, kidneys, spleen, intestines, stomach, eyes, face (that one is called beauty spring). These waters have medically approved positive effect. And also there is one giant spring called “The Sulphur Water” that has positive effect on the whole body, increasing its regenerating capabilities.

When you want to stay in Lashichala there are multiple hostels, where you can stay. Here it is a good opportunity to taste domestic cuisine of Lechkhumi. There is special Georgian oven where you can buy freshly baked bread.

Lashichala - Mineral waters

You can take a walk in the evening and meet people on main park square to get to know each other and have fun.

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