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Monastery Goni

St. George’s church could be found in western Georgia, region Lechkhumi. Some time ago here was a village called Goni, but now it is deserted. All that left is one of the most interesting churches in Lechkhumi.

Church building

Today Church is still standing. Unlike big cathedrals there was no restoration here. Walls are scarred in some places and s0me inner paint was damaged.

When you visit this church you admire skill of ancient craftsmen. Every stone is carved in it’s unique way. Judging by interior, exterior and other details it can be said that church was built in X century.

Nevertheless wall paintings and icon altar survived till today.

Goni church location

There are  two ways to get to this chuch:

First: You have to travel from Kutaisi though town Alpana to village Orkhvi. This way is shorter in distance, but there is 10km segment of bad road, which will significantly enlarge travel time.

Second: From Kutaisi, via Tsqaltubo, via Tsageri, via Orblei mountain pass and from there to village Orkhvi. It may sound like there are a lot of “via” points. But, while in travel you can see Rachkha waterfall, mountain Khvamli, Muristsikhe fortress and have a ride via Orbeli mountain pass.

You can also have a ride to Tvishi canyons. It is popular place among rafters.

From village Orkhvi you can quickly reach church Goni on foot.

Transport and location
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