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Adjara is sea resort region of Georgia.

One of major cities here is Batumi, which recently grown into industrial, trade and resort center. City has large infrastructure which includes Batumi Airport.

Here you can take a walk in Batumi botanic garden which is famous for it’s biodiversity, visit Piazza square where you can find samples of Italian architecture and take pictures of Chacha tower which is especially beautiful at night. You can also take a short trip to see natural monument of Makhuntseti waterfall and visit Opiza and “Orta djame” monasteries.

There are a lot of sights in Batumi some of those sights like Astronomical clock or Monument to Georgian alphabet you can visit when you come here, others like Sculpture of Ali and Nino are interesting but can not be seen this days.

Batumi has a lot of cultural leisure to offer, like visit to National museum of Batumi or Museum of religion. You can also see Center for Arts and Music.

Other major city in Adjara region is Kobuleti, despite it’s resort nature here you can find a couple of interesting things to see like Fortress of Peter that was founded by ancient Greek or visit Mtirala national park which is amazing sample of natural beauty.

Besides in Adjara region you can find interesting to see Gonio stronghold which was also built by Romans, Green lake that has amazing green colored water or historical monument Tamar the Great’s bridge.

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