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Zugdidi botanic garden

The botanical garden located in Zugdidi was created by order of Catherine Chavchavadze Dadiani. This is a great place to plunge into wildlife.

History of the Zugdidi Botanical Garden

Since ancient times, the residence of the Megrelian rulers of the Dadiani clan was located in Zugdidi. Despite the fact that by the 17th century, the princes of Dadian had quite a lot of palaces, the most beautiful was the one in Zugdidi.
In order to emphasize the greatness of the palace, Princess Ekaterina Dadiani invited foreign decorators. A unique design was developed. From all over the world brought various plants. Also artificial reservoirs were created.

Zugdidi Botanical Garden today

Through the era of ancient wars, not all plants reached our times. Some managed to save.
Many people engaged in the revival of the destroyed garden.
Today in the garden are more than five hundred species of various plants. Some of them are more than two hundred years old.

Where is the garden Zugdidi

Finding a garden is easy. The princely residence is located in the city center.
You can walk here from the bus or from the train station.

Transport and location
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