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Georgia is an ancient country whose cultural heritage was formed a long time ago. In order to fully understand the Georgian culture, it is necessary to turn to history because the culture originates in the age-old traditions.

There are many different traditions in Georgia, some are long forgotten, others are honored to this day. In addition, every corner also has its own traditions, for example, “Rtveli” is an autumn harvest, when the peasants gather grapes and put it in huge caravans. In the old days, the grapes were crushed with bare feet, because the size of the jug is very significant and it was simply impossible to process such amount by hand.

Grape presser

But another tradition of “Berikoba” remained only in a couple of villages. “Berikoba” is something like a small masquerade with theatrical performances.

Handicrafts, such as pottery, are an important part of Georgian culture. There are entire villages in Imereti, famous for their artisans creating mud works of art. Their work is highly valued both in the country and abroad. The family of artisans strictly honors the ancient traditions of pottery craftsmanship, which are passed down from generation to generation.

It is impossible to talk about Georgian culture and not to mention songs and dances. Georgian folklore is loved and recognizable around the world both in its traditional form and in modern arrangements.

The Georgian song “Chakrulo” was sent to space on a golden collection of Earth culture aboard the Galileo spacecraft. Georgian classical dances have earned recognition in many countries, not least because of the world tour of the folk group “Erisioni”.

Another important part of Georgian culture is cuisine. Traditional Georgian dishes, such as “Khinkali”, “Khachapuri”, “Satsivi” and others, make a visit to the restaurant a truly unforgettable event. Frankly, Georgian cuisine with its variety of dishes deserves a separate series of articles.