On southern side of Caucasian mountains there is a small country with great history and astonishing biodiversity called Georgia. Since this country is on a crossroad between Europe and Asia, it has unique culture that absorbed best features of both continents.

It is a place pleasant to stay, climate is warm and air is fresh and rich with oxygen. Every season here has something to offer for a seeker of adventures. There are endless opportunities for people who like to ski or to take a challenge in rock climbing. For instance Gudauri or Bakuriani are great choice for mountain skiing. On top of that if you tired of skiing you can get to Tbilisi in less than two hours to enjoy all the comfort of big city.

If you like swimming there are plenty opportunities starting with swimming and sunbathing and up to windsurfing, kiting, parasailing and cliff diving. For example in Ureki there is unique magnetic sand that has great heeling effect on muscles and joints, in Batumi there are all kinds of amusement, especially noticeable is animal park along seashore with exotic birds.

There are many places where you can get healthy, but these balneological (water based treatment) resorts worth special mentioning: Tskaltubo – place with world famous Radon bath; Borjomi – home of world famous mineral waters; Lashichala – mineral water resort that have impact on multiple internal organs.

Mineral waters have unique chemical structure that gives incredible healing effect.

For people interested in Georgian culture there are lots of museums all over the country, almost every major city has one museum. No need to say, that big cities like Tbilisi, Kutaisi or Batumi have also theaters, opera house, art galleries, exhibitions and other sorts of entertainment.

Country of Georgia has rich historical heritage so there are many places with ancient traces, starting with dinosaur footprints in Sataplia, subterranean halls of Prometheus caverns and ending with cities of caverns carved by handVardzia or Ujarma. You can see the beautiful valley of Zhinvali, where you’ll find an ancient monastery, which is under water during ten months every year. You can get unique experience climbing to the top of the mountain in Kazbegi, where you will find a temple so close to sky that is hard to breathe there.

One more thing worth special mentioning is Georgian food. There are lots of restaurants in Georgia and there are lots of tasty thing to leave good memories.

Georgia is the country of endless possibilities, for any traveler, this country has a lot thing that astonish.

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