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Georgia rest and travel


If you are planing your vacation and you don’t know where to go, try considering trip to Georgia. Republic of Georgia is a beautiful mountain country with lots of exotic views, wide biodiversity and hospital people. It is also known for it’s winery.

Here you can have any kind of leisure. There are mountain routes that are far from city rush with lots of fresh air and warm sun. There are also Black sea beaches, several places have specific healing effects. There are lots of interesting wine and ski routes. You can even pasture ships with Georgian shepherds. Finally it’s not a big deal to find a good night club.

There are a lot of rest provabilities in Georgia.

What should you know about Georgia

Georgia is a republic with a president as chief state executive. Tbilisi is a capital of Georgia.
Georgian constitution grants freedom of faith, at the same time most of Georgians are Christians.
Georgia is in UTF+4 time zone.

Where is Georgia located?

On west side of Georgia is bordered by Black sea. There is Russia on the North, Azerbaijan form East and Turkey and Armenia from South. Tourists go to Georgia by airplane, travel by boat or even take a car trip to Georgia. By the way lots of tourists come on bikes or with bicycles.

What language is in Georgia?

State language in Georgia is Georgian. Georgian alphabet has 33 letter with unique writing that has no obvious similarity to European or Asian writings.

Nearly all natives speak in Russian and really lots of people speak in English. Mostly young people.


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