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The region of Svaneti is divided into upper and lower Svaneti. Upper Svaneti is a high mountain region, its center is the city of Mestia. Lower Svaneti is closer to Lechkhumi. About Svaneti Svaneti is one of the corners of Georgia, where ancient traditions are preserved. If you describe Svaneti in a few words, these […]

Makhuntseti waterfall

Makhuntseti waterfall is located in western Georgia, in Ajdarian mountains, 30 km near Batumi. To get to waterfall you have to cross Tamar the Great’s bridge. There are a lot of legends told about this bridge. One tells that this bridge was built in XII century. Core construction is made of stone reinforced with lime. […]


Gvirishi waterfall in Lechkhumi There are lots of beautiful things in Georgia. In Racha-Lechkhumi region there is Gvirishi waterfall. It was named after village Kveda Gvirishi (Lower Gvirishi). Water flows from mountain top and falls in river Lajanuri (named after Lajana village). River Lajanuri ends up in river Rioni. Rafting on Rioni River Rioni attracts […]


Kinchkha waterfall Beautiful place in western Georgia. Thing that worth seing are: waterfall itself, road to waterfall and Okatse canyon. Now, one by one: You can notice beautiful views long before you start mountain climb. Road in a valley with it’s tiny mountain pass is nothing short than beautiful. Even if you are behind a […]

Canyon Gachedili in Martvili

Gachedili canyon was carved by river Abasha in outskirts of Gachedili village. It is around two and a half kilometers (1.5 miles) long and has random height drops which create waterfalls of rare beauty. You can travel up a river by boat or you can walk down on foot. There are a lot of things […]

Rachkha waterfall

Rachkha Waterfall Traveling around Racha-Lechkhumi you can find many interesting places. In some of these places you need to go on purpose, sometimes even by jeep. Some places can be found on the road. One of these places is the waterfall Rachha. Where is the waterfall Rachkha You can see this waterfall on the way […]


You can find Vardzia in Samtskhe-Javakheti region, 30 kilometers away from town called Aspindza. It is considered one of the best sights in Georgia. Vardzia is a fortress-city carved in a cliff. The city is huge, there are 365 main caves in it and total amount is about 600. Many of the caves are collapsed, […]


Natural reserve Sataplia A bit of history Sataplia can be translated as “a place for honey.” This reserve got its name because here wild bees built their honeycombs on a mountainside and flowed down a steep rock. Now under this place is built an observation deck. At the place where the honey flowed down, you […]

Prometheus cavern

System of natural caverns in suburbs of Tsq’ualtubo is called Prometheus Cavern. Huge subterranean halls are filled with The huge underground halls filled with stalactites, stalagmites, underground springs and rivers. Unusual stone sculptures greet you when you go underground. Here, it is always the same temperature: 15 degrees Celsius in winter and summer. You feel […]