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City-fortress Nakalakevi

Not far from the town of Senaki, you can find huge stone walls. These are the ruins of the city of Nokalakevi.

Georgia - Samegrelo - Nokalakevi - Wall from inside

Nokalakevi history

The age of the city is not known for certain. The remains of the palace date back to the 5th century AD. At the beginning of the 8th century, the city was invaded by the troops of Mervan “The Deaf”, the one that captured the brothers David and Constantine in whose honor the Motsameta monastery was built. The troops ravaged and destroyed the city.

Georgia - Samegrelo - Nokalakevi - Inner yard

Nokalakevi today

Today they take care of the fortress, they even decided to reconstruct it.
There is a museum at the fortress. Museum hours:

The fortress itself looks very impressive. Well preserved piece of the wall with large teeth.
The city as a fortress in Akhaltsikhe had several levels. In the inner level, you can see the temple which is very well preserved.
Inside the temple you can see ancient frescoes.
Also in the inner circle you can find the remains of the royal palace.
Like any fortress, this has its secret access to the river. Here it is well preserved and you can even walk through it.

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Day of the week Working hours
Monday does not work
Other days 10:00 – 17:00
Georgia - Samegrelo - Nokalakevi - Church

How to get to Nokalakevi

Finding this place is pretty easy. Right next to the remains of the city of Nokalakevi there is the Senaki-Martvili highway.

Transport and location
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