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The city of Akhaltsikhe (New Fortress) is the center of the Samtskhe-Javakheti region.
It is nice to stay here and see the sights nearby.

Where is Akhaltsikhe

Akhaltsikhe is located in the southern part of the region. The easiest and most convenient way to get there is to go from Tbilisi by a concrete highway. Further in Khashuri, it will be necessary to turn towards Borjomi. This road will lead you to Akhaltsikhe.
If you are resting on the Black Sea, then you can go on the road from Batumi.

City Description Akhaltsikhe

Due to the fact that the city is quite far from the capital and historically there have always been some battles close to the border.
It is noteworthy that the famous Georgian commander Shalva Akhaltsikheli was born here (which translates as “from Akhaltsikhe”).

What to see in Akhaltsikhe

In proud you can see the Rabat fortress (or Rabati). The fortress is old and was built in the era of wars. Now the fortress has been restored and receives visitors. There is also a museum in the fortress.
Also in proud you can see the Catholic monastery. Like most buildings in the city, the monastery was destroyed in the era of conquest, and then rebuilt.
Even in the city there is the Church of St. Marina (or St. Marine, in Georgian). The construction of this church dates back to the 19th century. As mentioned earlier, many buildings were destroyed during the wars. The Church of Saint Marina also did not escape this fate, therefore the 19th century is considered the date of the restoration of the church.

Confirmation that the city was conquered can be found not only in the Rabat fortress, but also in the city itself. To the north-west of the fortress you can find abandoned Turkish baths.

What is interesting near Akhaltsikhe

After seeing the city you can ride through the neighborhood. The most famous attraction is cave pride Vardzia. Tourists and locals come to see it.
Even in the vicinity of Akhaltsikhe one can see the Sapar monastery and the Zarzma monastery.
We recommend to go to the lake Tabatskuri.
Also nearby is the resort of Borjomi, famous for its mineral water.

Transport and location
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