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Monastery Nikortsminda

If you go to the region of Racha, be sure to see the monastery Nikortsminda. The name of the monastery consists of two words “Nikora”, this name was worn by a sacred bull and “Tsminda”, which can be translated as sacred.

The history of the monastery Nikortsminda

The monastery of Nikortsminda, like the Bagrati Cathedral, was built during the reign of King Bagrat III. If you look, you can find some of the similarities of these two buildings.
Throughout the reign, the dynasty of the kings of Bagrati tried to pay attention to this monastery. So in the 16th century, King Bagrat ordered the restoration of the monastery. Another temple decorated with carvings, which can be seen today.
Already in the 19th century, a bell tower was built on the territory of the monastery.

Our days

Many who travel by Rache come here to look at the monastery Nikortsminda. The church building is very well preserved. In 2012, the restoration was carried out.
Being inside we recommend to pay attention to the unique internal architecture of the church. This is the only such building in all of Georgia. The architecture combines modern and archaic features.

How to get there

The most convenient way to get there is to turn off the Tbilisi-Kutaisi highway towards the town of Terjola. Then you can go on the road to Tkibuli. The road has two lanes, back and forth. After passing Terjoule there will be a couple of forks where you can turn the wrong way, so try to see the path on the map in advance.
On the way you will meet the lake of Shaori. In itself, it is worthy of a separate story. After passing the lake you will get to the village Nikortsminda where the monastery is located.

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