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Muristsikhe fortress

The fortress of Muristsikhe can be found in town Tsageri. In ancient times, it was an impregnable stronghold located on a sheer cliff.

Georgia - Lechkhumi - Tsageri - Muristsikhe - Mountain

The history of the fortress Muristsikhe

The fortress was built a long time ago. There is mention of the fact that the garrison of the fortress successfully repelled the Ottoman raids. The fortress has never been overrun.
The enemies besieged the fortress several times, but the defenders had food and water well.
Many of fortresses in Racha-Lechkhumi also had secret underground passages.

Georgia - Lechkhumi - Tsageri - fortress Muristsikhe

Interesting in the fortress of Muristsikhe

The fortress consists of main building and two towers. The buildings stand from east to west and were called: “bravely meet,” “beat harder,” “don’t let by”.
People who see these fortresses for the first time are very surprised at how anyone could get there at all.

In 2018, with the initiative of the government, an illuminated path was built up the mountain pass. First you need to climb the stairs to the first fortress. This is a small watchtower. During the ascent, you will have perfect view of the Orbeli Mountain Pass. The entire city of Tsageri is below. Great place for a photo. Then the staircase goes on, followed by a fork. You can head along the cliff to the main fortress, and you can go higher up the stairs. We highly recommend the second option.

Georgia - Lechkhumi - Tsageri - Muristsikhe - Mountain top view

At an altitude of 671m, the road rises above the ridge of the rock and literally passes along the top of the ridge. Unforgettable feelings. People who are afraid of heights better not to go here. From this place, the valley of the Tskhenistskhali river is well visible, as well as the villages of Lower Svaneti in the distance. Great place to take a photos.

Georgia - Lechkhumi - Tsageri - Muristsikhe - Svaneti view

Further the road goes along the cliff above the precipice. After 50 meters, an ordinary path begins which leads to the main building of the fortress.

The fortress of Muristsikhe can be clearly seen from the Orbeli Mountain Pass.

Georgia - Lechkhumi - Tsageri - Muristsikhe - Chkhuteli
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