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Betania monastery


Betania Monastery was built in the heyday of Georgia, during the reign of the Bagrationi family.
It is believed that the monastery was founded by people from the princely Orbeliani clan at the beginning of the XIII century. Such a theory is further supported by the fact that the monastery is decorated with a large number of frescoes depicting the princely family of Orbeliani.
At the end of the XIX century the monastery was restored.


Nowadays, monks live in the monastery of Betania. The monks are very friendly.
The monastery has preserved some of the ancient traditions that will be interesting to visitors. Wine is still kept here in huge tanks (churi) buried in the ground. The capacity of such a vat can reach several tones.
Visiting the monastery it is worth remembering that it is not recommended to make noise in the territory, to take pictures inside the church, to be unnecessarily intrusive.

How to get to the monastery of Betania

Georgian Betania is a very secluded place. To get there, you need to leave Tbilisi, go to the village of Kojori and from there go to the monastery of Betania. It is better to go to the SUV.
Some go there on foot, but this is recommended only if you are an experienced tourist.

Transport and location
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