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Lailashi in Lechkhumi

There is a place Lailashi in Lechkhumi region of Georgia. It is a village on a mountain top, 850 meters (~2800ft) above sea level. It has really astonishing view.

Foundation of Lailashi

It is considered that Lailashi was founded in XVI century by several hundred of Jewish and Armenian fugitives. It happened when Turkish forces overtook Akhalkalaki, people fled from Samtskhe-Javakheti.

Lechkhumi region itself is pretty far from capital so people mostly relied on natural shelters high in mountains. Legend tells that settlers got here in the night and discovered this place in moonlight, so it was named Lailashi (Laila is moon in Jewish).

Sights in Lailashi

There are quite a few things worth seeing:

  • Road up the mountain is beauty by itself. During ascend you discover truly marvelous view. You have to be ready, I was not.
  • LadjanurGES water reservoir. Big artificial water storage set between two mountain sealed with a tall dam;
  • Jewish synagogue and Armenian church built by first settlers;
  • Okronishi water spring. This spring lately rapidly became popular photo place. You can even have a dive. Famous Georgian poet Akaki Tsereteli mentioned this place in his poetry. He admired the beauty of it.

How to get to Lailashi

If you travel from Tbilisi, there is a shuttle bus with excursion.

If you arrived to Imereti, for example to Kutaisi, your route could be the following:

  • travel through Tskaltubo, to see:
    • Prometheus Cavern;
    • Sataplia;
  • travel to Tsagerli, to see here:
    • Muristikhe fortress;
    • Orbeli mountain pass;
  • Ride across Orbeli mountain pass to village Lajana
  • Follow the road along water reservoir. There will be road sign and left turn to gravel road going up. Road is descent, but SUV is advised.
  • There will be pretty long ascent, but result is worth it.


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