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Rkoni bridge

Rconi Bridge is also called the Queen Tamar Bridge.
Surprisingly, most of the old bridges that have survived to the present day were built during the reign of Queen Tamar.
The bridge has an arched structure.

What is Rkonsky bridge famous for?

Rconi Bridge was built on the road to the Rkoni Monastery.
At the time of the conquests, monasteries located far from the fortresses tried to build in poorly accessible places. Rkon bridge was part of the road to the monastery.
The bridge itself is very narrow and has a rather high arch rise.

Where is the bridge Rconi

The bridge is located in the Caspian region of Georgia. The terrain is difficult to access.
It makes sense to go here if you like nature and walking.
Even by car you can drive only part of the way. There is a segment of several kilometers that will have to go on foot.

Transport and location
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