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Dadiani palace

The Palace of Princes is one of the most interesting architectural structures in Zugdidi. The palace was built by an invited architect from abroad.

History of Dadiani Palace

At the beginning of the 19th century, Zugdidi became the residence of the Megrelian princes. Over time, this residence became permanent, so the prince’s palace was built here.
Later, on the orders of Princess Catherine Dadiani, a garden was laid out around the palace. Today we know him as the botanical garden of Zugdidi.

What is interesting palace of princes Dadiani

The palace is a beautiful two-story building. Find it is not difficult, it is located in the city center.
The architecture of the palace can be called classical, it combines the imperial features of the 19th century architecture and the classic Georgian elements. In some elements of the decoration, oriental features are traced.

Museum in the Dadiani Palace

Day of the week Schedule
Monday Output
Other days 10:00 – 18:00

Today the museum is open in the palace. Here are collected tens of thousands of exhibits.
Depending on your interests, you can see here:
– ancient archaeological finds;
– religious exhibits;
– Various household items and weapons brought from Europe;
– manuscripts dated to the 15th century;
– there is a very extensive collection of paintings;
– various exquisite dishes.
You can also see Napoleon’s mask made after his death. There are three such masks, one of which is kept in the Dadiani Palace.

We also recommend to see the palace itself. The interior has a well thought out color scheme and beautiful design. The palace itself gives the impression of a modern building.

Ticket Price
With guide five
Adult 2
Children’s one
Transport and location
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