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Jvari monastery

Georgia - Tbilisi - Jvari monastery

Jvari Monastery is the most famous monastery in Georgia. You can see it on the road to Tbilisi if you drive from Batumi.

Jvari Monastery History

The monastery was constructed  back in 7th century AD.
The monastery is built on top of a mountain so that it is clearly visible from far away. It is said that after Georgia was baptized, Saint Nino installed one of the worship crosses here.
In the 10th century, during the invasion, the monastery was destroyed. Only the temple has survived to this day.

Jvari today

Only the central cathedral and the ruins of the monastery buildings have survived to this day. Despite this, the monastery operates.
Inside in the center of the temple there is a stone elevation on which a cross is installed.
There are many interesting things in the temple. Carving, frescoes, ornament – all this carries the stamp of history.
Separately, I would like to say that inscriptions made by builders in the 7th century were preserved on the temple.
From the top, where the monastery was built Jvari extraordinary view. Be sure to take a camera with you!

Georgia - Jvari monastery

How to get to Jvari

There are several ways to get to Jvari.
You can go by car. A good asphalt road leads to the monastery.
If you are confident in your abilities, then you can go along the path from Mtskheta. The rise is very steep. At half the road to the temple you can find the spring of St. Nino. It is believed that the spring blessed Nino and his water has miraculous properties.

Transport and location
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