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Mtirala national park

Mtirala national park – location.

Park is located in south-west part of Caucasian mountains in Adjara at 1380 meters (~4500ft) above sea level. Park was founded in 2006 in most humid part of Georgia. It got it’s name because of constant rain and fog covering everything around. Mtirala means “Crying” in Georgian.

Mtirala national park – sights

Park is rich with flora and fauna. Here you can find lots of species that are on the edge of extinction. There are 95 animal species, such as: lynx, gray bear, Caucasian squirrel and more.
Ecological purity of park has grave meaning because it makes perfect conditions for conservation of pure water.
Inside park you could find Chakvistavi village. People here preserve old Georgian traditions building houses, you can even find functional water mills.
Tourists can take a ride with bicycles, horses or even atv.
Here you can easily make scientific discoveries as long as enjoy beauty of nature.

Transport and location
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