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Narikala fortress

The fortress is located in the center of Tbilisi. For a long time, this fortress was the main defensive structure. Now the fortress is open to tourists.

Where is the Narikala Fortress?

Narikala fortress is located in the very center of Tbilisi. It is claimed that the fortress was built before the 5th century.
The most convenient way to climb the fortress on the cable car from the central park (Rike Park). This route is good because you can see the central park of Tbilisi, walk along the famous pedestrian bridge and take photos of the cable car booths.
You can climb the path from the market square, but the road is very steep. In the summer in the heat of such an increase is unlikely to take pleasure.

The fortress has impressive dimensions. Here is what to see.
Front view of Tbilisi. On the reverse side is the Tbilisi Botanical Garden. From the fortress to the garden downstairs. For lovers of thrills there is a rope descent ride on a roller.
Fortress Narikala built like steps. You can climb to the highest point of the fortress. If you plan to explore the walls, we recommend comfortable shoes. In some places will have to climb the old stonework.

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