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Kvemo Kartli

Kartli region is considered the major part of Georgia because of its location and historical significance. Here is the capital of Georgia – Tbilisi.

Historically Kartli consisted of two regions is a central part – Shida Kartli and the southern part – Kvemo Kartli.

Key importance has the fact that in Kartli is on the crossroad of highways and railways of Georgia, domestic and foreign.

The area is well populated, you can visit the cities of: Rustavi, Gori, Bolnisi, Khashuri, Kareli, Kapspi, Mtskheta, Dusheti, Marneuli.

In Kartli there is very well developed winery. In particular, the Mukhrani Valley supplies grapes, that later become a basis for sparkling wines made in Tbilisi.

Here are numerous churches, monasteries and fortresses: Uplistsikhe, Tserakvi, Kolagiri, Sioni, Goristsihe, Kvatakhevi, Rkoni and many others.

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