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Zarzma monastery

Монастырь Зарзма

Traveling around the Samtskhe-Javakheti region you should visit the Zarzma monastery. It is worth noting the original architecture and the impressive size of the belfry of the monastery.

The history of the monastery Zarzma

The monastery was founded around the 9th century AD, when the local prince donated land to the monastery in the village of Zarzma.
Much time has passed since then and only some inscriptions on the belfry have survived to our days.

Monastery Zarzma in our days

Today Zarzma is a functioning monastery.
Find it is not difficult. On the territory of the monastery we recommend to turn on the belfry, which is one of the largest in Georgia. So here you can find stone figures.

Get better here by car.

Video: Zarzma monastery
Transport and location
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