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About Tbilisi

Tbilisi zip codelist
Tbilisi above sea level450m
Tbilisi was founded455a.d.
Tbilisi phone code+995 32
Tbilisi timezoneGMT +4

History of Tbilisi

The area where the modern city of Tbilisi is now located in the fifth century AD was the hunting grounds of the Georgian kings. The city itself was built over five centuries, and in the 12th century received the status of the capital. The history of Tbilisi is full of glorious battles and peaceful periods during which the city gained its enchanting beauty and attractive aura. For centuries, merchants from various countries have come here, bringing bits of alien culture into the fabric of cultural heritage.
Since you are already on this site, you probably already know something about Georgia, and when you learn more, you probably want to come here. It is often a good idea to start exploring Georgia from the capital, but if you are tired of city life, you can first fly somewhere to a calmer place, such as Kutaisi or the Black Sea coast in Batumi.

How to go to Tbilisi

To go to Tbilisi is quite simple, through the airport. 24 international companies carry out air transportation in dozens of destinations. If you want to start a trip to Tbilisi, then sailing by sea is not the best idea because you have to cross the whole country by land. You can come by car, the quality of roads in Georgia is increasing every year.

What to see in Tbilisi

Upon arrival you have a rich choice: if you are interested in history for your attention there are 57 different ancient churches, a large number of museums and several fortresses such as Narikala and Metekhi fortress.

Georgia - Tbilisi - River view

If you like walking, then we recommend the route to the amusement park Mtatsminda, you are waiting for a very long way up the hill. In the park itself, you can walk at the foot of the huge Tbilisi TV tower, take photos on the observation deck, and if you feel that you are not high enough, you can ride on the 23 meter observation wheel.

If you want to walk around the city, then be sure to visit Shardeni street, it is famous for its galleries and cozy city cafes.

You can still take sulfur baths and it will be good for two reasons: firstly, it’s next to Shardeni Street, and secondly, it is good for health, regardless of its condition.

Passing through the bridge you will enter a small beautiful park where you can just relax.

In hot weather, you can have a good rest on the reservoirs: At the Tbilisi Sea (by the way, there is a grand monument next to which shows all the famous political figures who were in the history of Georgia), Turtle Lake (cube tba), Lake Lisi and of course, the water park. Having traveled a couple of kilometers away from the city you can get to the lake Kumisi where you can swim, sunbathe and catch some fish.

Georgia - Tbilisi - Sea

Entertainment in Tbilisi

If you are traveling with children, then you can go to the Tbilisi Zoo or to the circus. Fans of nightlife will find here a lot of nightclubs and bars.

Transport and location
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