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Ruins of ancient city of Vani

Treasures of the ancient city of Vani

In ancient times, the city of Vani was famous for its wealth. At the beginning of the 19th century, gold jewelry and precious stones were found in the vicinity. Local peasants cheaply sold their finds without knowing their true value.
In the 70s of the 20th century, expeditions were equipped which discovered the remains of the ancient city of Vani. The age of the remains found dates back to the 3rd century AD. It was also found a lot of jewelry and utensils.
Later it was discovered a large burial of gold. According to legend, it belonged to the warrior Dedatos of the Kingdom of Colchis.
Found and the remains of the warrior. His weapons were buried with him.

A new large treasure was found quite recently. Even so, experts say that new finds are very likely.

Historical meaning

The ancient city of Vani had a defensive and commercial importance. It was used as an intermediate shipping point in Poti.
It is known that the city was destroyed in the 1st century BC. This version is confirmed by the projectiles ballist found here in large numbers.

Where is Vani?

In Vani it is convenient to go from Kutaisi or from Batumi. In fact, it is somewhere on the floor of the road, but a little to the side. In order to get here you need to pretty sweep a rural Georgian road.
In general, the road is good, but we do not recommend to hurry because there may be animals or people on the road.

In order to get to the museum, you must enter the city. To get to the center, there will be something like a circular motion and turn right towards the mountain. At first, the road will not be very, but a good asphalt road leads to the museum.

From the museum you can get through the suspension bridge to the ruins of the ancient city of Vani. From here, a picturesque view of the valley and the city.

Transport and location
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