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Monastery Motsameta

Georgia - Kutaisi - Motsameta

History of construction of Motsameta

Motsameta Monastery is located in the Imereti region of western Georgia, six kilometers from the city of Kutaisi. The monastery is built on a rock from three sides washed by the river Tshaltsitela. Starting from the walls of the monastery, the rock goes vertically down to the river itself. In ancient times, this arrangement made it easy to protect the monastery from enemy troops.

The Monastery of Motsameta was erected in the 8th century in memory of the great Georgian warlords David and Constantine.

An ancient legend says that long ago the great Arab caliph Murvan-ibn-Muhammad or Murvan “Deaf” invaded Georgia. The battle was fierce, but it was not possible to defeat the numerous Arab troops. In an unequal battle, Murvan captivated the brothers David and Constantine, and demanded that they renounce their faith. When they refused, they were betrayed by various tortures, but could not be broken. Then the Arabs executed them and threw them into the river. The people numbered the brothers of saints and buried them on top of a mountain in a small little church which they named Motsameta (martyrs).

Later during the reign of King Bagrat III, the church was rebuilt after enemy raids. Ancillary buildings were added to the main building.

Monastery today

Today, the temple has been restored and is presented to visitors in all its beauty and grandeur.

Every year on October 15, the Motsametoba is celebrated in the monastery. On this day, believers gather here to venerate the relics of David and Constantine, and pray.

What is remarkable, in contrast to most of the monasteries between Gelati and Motsamet, there is no direct view due to the fact that they are located on different sides of the same mountain.

How to get to Motsameta?

Motsameta Monastery is located near the city of Kutaisi. The road is not difficult to find on the map. This is the same road that goes to Gelati. Go to the monastery Motsameta turn right a little earlier, in front of the police building.
Near the monastery there are two places where you can leave the car:
The first is behind the fence, near the railway tracks. If you come in good weather and are full of strength, we recommend a stroll. The way to the monastery will be about a kilometer. Under the road there is a beautiful view of Motsameta.
The second place is located near the entrance to the monastery. It is not always possible to drive there. If there are a lot of guests or a wedding is being held, they may not be allowed there.

What to see next to Motsameta?

Near the monastery Motsameta is Gelati Cathedral. The place is very beautiful, so we recommend it to the visit.

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