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Fortress Minda

The largest fortress in the region of Racha is called Minda fortress. The fortress is located on the top of the mountain so that it is very difficult to approach it.

The history of the fortress Minda

The region of Racha-Lechkhumi is located quite far from major cities. The nearest city of Kutaisi is forty kilometers across the pass. Because of this remoteness, the fortress had to be built so as to restrain the onslaught of the enemy on their own. Similarly, the Minda fortress was built on a cliff top, which is not so easy to reach.
It is said that the fortress already existed in the 10th century AD. In the 11th century, the residence of the governor, Eristave, was transferred to the fortress (the name can be translated as “head of the clan”, from the Georgian “Eri” – clan /nation and “tavi” – head).

Fortress Minda today

Today the fortress is not inhabited. Alas, only the remains of the structure have survived.
Climb to the fortress will have on foot. From the fortress offers a beautiful view of the entire valley of the river Rioni.

For this campaign, we recommend indoor hiking shoes and tight pants.
Take special care while inside the buildings of the fortress. The facilities are already very old.

The fortress is quite easy to find. She is between Oni and Ambrolauri.

Transport and location
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