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The area Tetritskaro (Tetritskharo – white spring) will appeal primarily to those who love nature and tranquility. There is no mass flow of tourists.
In the summer, residents of Tbilisi come here to relax.

What is interesting in Tetritskaro

In addition to outdoor recreation and visits to local villages, here you can go to several interesting monasteries.
Here are located: the Monastery of Pitareti, the Cathedral of Manglis Zioni and the Monastery of Gudarekhi. Going to the monastery Pitareti it is worth remembering that part of the way will have to be done on foot.
You can also take photos of ancient fortresses. Huluti fortress, Samshwede fortress (translated as “for peace”) and Castle Patshisi. We recommend to get to Birtvisi, where you can see the fortress and canyons.
There are caves in the area.
And most importantly, in this area is the national reserve Algeti. A real find for the researcher.

There is also a regional center. City called Tetritskaro. The city is quite small. We recommend everything you need to take with you from the capital.

Transport and location
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