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Gonio stronghold

Крепоспть Гонио

Gonio-Apsarossian stronghold is located fifteen km south of Batumi. There are 11.1 square acres of defensive buildings with 16 feet walls and 24 feet towers around perimeter.

In ancient times Gonio stronghold had great strategic importance. It was sealing entrance to Acharistskali and Chorokhi river canyons. It was key point which allowed communication of inner regions with Black Sea coastline.

Most of ancient historians state, that fortress Gonio had strategic, cultural, political and economical meaning, that can not be overestimated. It is known that in I-III century people here had theater and hippodrome.

In 1974 near Gonio stronghold treasure was discovered. Scientists estimate it was II-III a.d. origin.

In 1994 Gonio stronghold was declared museum-reserve.

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