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Vashlovani National Park

Vashlovani National Park was created to protect the "light forests" in 1935. Initially, it was a nature reserve, but later the boundaries of the protected area were greatly expanded and assigned the status of a national park. The park is located in the south-east of Georgia. It is noteworthy that the reserve is very beautiful relief, forming valleys and canyons.

So there are karst caves, like those found in Sataplia.

The park has 664 plant species, 40 of which are endemic to the Caucasus. Pistachio, juniper, cherry, maple, pear, fig, and pomegranate predominate among the trees. There are 80 species of birds. Among the mammals in the park are found a hedgehog, a hare, a fox, a wild cat, a wolf, a brown bear, a badger, a boar, a jackal, a marten, a hyena, a polecat, a gazelle.

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