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Sapara monastery

Sapara Monastery (or Safara) was founded in the 10th century AD. One of the most interesting places around the city of Akhaltsikhe.

History of Sapara Monastery

In the 10th century AD, the Church of the Assumption was erected on this site. The church has survived centuries and numerous wars, and has been preserved to this day.
Later, in the area of ​​the 13th century, a monastery was founded here. A portrait of the prince who founded the monastery can be found in the temple.
Next to the church was built the temple of St. Saba. This is the largest building in the monastery.
Another bell tower was built. Also on the territory there are two small chapels.
There are monks cells, but visitors are not allowed there.

How to get to Sapara Monastery

The easiest way to get to the monastery will be with a local driver.
If you have your own car, we recommend to pre-route. To the east of the city, and then on the way to the village of Khreli. Somewhere in three kilometers there will be a great view of the city. After another three kilometers you reach the monastery.

The monastery is a very popular place. If you want to see everything calmly, we recommend to come on a weekday.

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