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Zhinvali valley is an example of combined ancient Georgian culture and modern industry. It`s located in eastern Georgia, on river Aragvi. In the end of XXth century there was built water reservoir for Zhinvali hydro-electrical power plant. This reservoir become newest built in Georgia. Unfortunately hydro-electric power has downside it damages environment.

Due to reservoir construction monastery of Holy Cross built in XIIth century has been flooded. This monastery has rare samples of Basilicas Architecture and up to 80-s this monastery was one of the holy sanctums and an important historical building. Nowadays this monastery is under water during ten months, every year and when it is above water, it is extremely hard to reach. Walls eroding very fast so that main roof arc may soon crumble.

To replace this monastery new one was constructed nearby, it is open and functioning for several years.

A fortress of magnificent beauty stands proudly on right bank of the reservoir. This is the Ananuri Ensemble – one of the well reserved historical buildings of Georgia. It contains religious buildings along with military.

Oldest building in the complex is 15 meters high watchtower that stands in the center of the citadel. The fortress itself consists of five towers: four are round and one is square it has height 21 meters and called “Sheupovari”(it means fierce).

Complex also contains three temples: smallest one called “Mkurnali” (it means healer), small temple with dome is called “Gvtaeba”(it means god) and the largest is monastery. Graphical images on outer walls of this temple are most interesting.

This is the culture of Zhinvali valley. So if you happened to pass by Dusheti is would be interesting to visit.

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