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Green lake

In easternmost part of Adjara, on the northern side of Arsiyanskogo ridge, there is lake called Green. It is surrounded by high green mountains.

In spite of the surrounding greenery, the lake got its name for unique green color of it’s water.

The lake is fed by underground springs so clean that you can drink water. First few meters of lake shore are pretty shallow, but few steps farther water gets suddenly very deep, so it is strongly advised not to jump in water unprepared. There are special signs where you can safely swim.

Green Lake of volcanic origin, you can say that by discovering black rocks at the bottom of lake, there are no signs of mucus on that rocks.

Another interesting fact is that there are no living creatures in lake no fish, no algae and lake never freezes.

Green Lake is remembered for its picturesque nature, serenity and its deep emerald color. You will definitely want to see this unique beauty again.

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