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Borjomi mineral waters

The mineral waters of Borjomi are known all over the world. The source of these waters is in the region of Borjomi, the Samtskhe-Javakheti region.

What kind of water is Borjomi

Water has a volcanic origin. Rising from a depth of more than ten kilometers, the water is gradually cooled. On the surface, the water has a temperature of about 40 degrees.

Mineral springs are available in many places. Locals drink quite a lot of this water.
We also recommend to observe the dosage that is indicated on the bottles.

Water treats:
– chronic gastritis;
– peptic ulcer of the stomach and duodenum;
– colitis and enterocolitis;
– diseases of the liver and biliary tract;
– pancreatitis;
– metabolic diseases.

Separately, I want to say about the water sources Likani. This is a village in the Borjomi area. Then pour their own mineral water, which is called “Likani”. Compared with Borjomi, the water is less saturated. Subjectively, drinking it is more pleasant.

Where is Borjomi mineral water located?

If you want to relax and drink water, it is best to stay in the city of Borjomi. Here is what to see. Book a hotel in Borjomi is not difficult. There are a lot of them and there are very elite.
From Borjomi you can go to Bakuriani.

Transport and location
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