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Godogani Archangel church

Georgia - Imereti - Godogani - Archangel Church

A bit of history

In ancient times, churches had a great spiritual significance, and during the invasion of enemies in the church, one could hide. In order to learn about the invasion of enemies in advance, the church was built on a hill. In case of danger, they gave a signal when they started a fire.

Previously, the church was visible from afar and even today, the chapel of the church can be seen from almost any other large church, such as the Bagrati Cathedral.

Godogani today

Today, the church has a spiritual meaning. Godogani church is located on the top of the mountain. This is a very beautiful place.

What is the best way to get to Godogani?

In order to climb here it is better to take an SUV and an experienced driver.
It is better to go in dry weather. We do not recommend driving immediately after rain or in winter.
It is also much easier to find a church if you ask the locals in advance how to get there. On the way there are a couple of not very obvious turns.

The place is very beautiful and pleasant.

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Transport and location
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