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Rabati fortress

In the city of Akhaltsikhe (the name translates as a new fortress) is the Rabat fortress (or Rabati).
Generally, Rabat is the market for a fortress, but over time, the whole fortress received this name.

History of Rabat

Initially, on the site of the fortress was a Georgian settlement with a small Christian church. In the 19th century, during the period of conquest, the Turks seized the settlement and built a fortress here.
The fortress was built on a steep rock. The top of the rock was surrounded by a stone wall around the perimeter. The second row of the fortress walls was one step higher. Also, a mosque was erected in the fortress. It was the tallest building at that time. It is noteworthy that at the mosque there was an extensive library. Some argue that it could be considered the richest library in the East.

Fortress Rabat today

Today, the fortress is restored and open to tourists. In addition to the fortress walls and towers, here you can find the Rabat hotel, various tourist services and even a wine shop.
There are in the fortress and a museum in which ancient finds are kept. If you want to visit the museum, you have to buy a ticket. Fortunately, it is not expensive.

Second level walls

As written earlier, the fortress has two levels of walls. Rising from the lower level you can get into a small cozy garden. The courtyard of the fortress is quite large for defensive works. Here you can find a small church, a mosque, several other buildings and a museum.
You can also climb the walls and look at the view that opens below.

The mosque located in the courtyard is called Ahmedie.
The construction of the mosque dates back to the 18th century.

Working hours

Location Graph Price
The first level of the walls all day Is free
Second level walls 10:00 – 19:00 7 GEL
Museum 10:00 – 18:00 included in the price
Transport and location
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