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Public transport

There are several ways to move around:

  • Taxi. Taxi is most simple and convenient way of moving around. It is pretty cheap (3-5 GEL) and it is not limited with destination. Of course you should remember, that then further you go, the greater is bill.
  • Shuttle bus. Is most commonly used transport. It even cheaper than taxi, but is limited to dedicated routes. No matter if you go from one side of the city to another, or you diceded to visit some remote rest-place like Sataplia or Prometheus cavern. you can go by shuttle bus with very little expense. It is generally good idea to know few Georgian words to communicate with driver. To board shuttle bus you should stop it with rising of hand, so driver can understand you want to ride, or at bus station, which is located near central city market.
  • Bus. There are two different bus routes: circular and interstate. If you want to move around city, you can wait at the bus stop, but if you want to go to another city or village you should buy ticket at bus station. Tickets usually cost around 7 lari.