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Zugdidi is the center of the Samegrelo region of the Republic of Georgia. The city stands on the river Rioni.

A little bit about Zugdidi

When traveling around Georgia, you should definitely visit Samegrelo. This is a region with many interesting places. One of these places is the city of Zugdidi.
The name Zugdidi itself is translated from Megrelian as “big hill”.
Zugdidi was the residence of the Megrelian princes, so here you can find the most beautiful palace of the princes Dadiani.
Zugdidi Botanical Garden perfectly complements the beauty of the palace.

What to see in Zugdidi

Zugdidi was built in the 20th century, so there are almost no old buildings in the city. Here you can walk in the center. Sit in a cafe, even go to the movies.
To the east of the center you can find the central Zugdidi Cathedral.
From Rustaveli Avenue, you can see the tower built in Svan style. From this tower leaves the transport in Svaneti.

As a rule, Zugdidi itself has nothing to do for a long time, but from here it is convenient to get to local sights. For example, see Tsaishi Monastery, which is located very close to the city. You can , drive around the area, and spend the night in the city. You can live in the Megrelian hostel, they say this is a very interesting experience.

Separately want to mention the food. The food in Samegrelo is very tasty. In Zugdidi you can find a couple of interesting restaurants.

Transport and location
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