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Samegrelo is a region in western Georgia bordering the sea, rich with sights and delicious food.

Samegrelo in general

The center of the region is Zugdidi. At one time it was the center of the Megrelian region.
On the sea side there is the port city of Poti and new sea resort of Anaklia.
Ride along Samegrelo or Megrelia is easy and pleasant. Most of the roads here are straight. Unlike  Racha-Lechkhumi where the roads are very winding.

What is interesting in Samegrelo

There are a lot of different interesting places in Megrelia. Among historic ones, one can mention: Khobi Monastery, Martvili Monastery, the fortress city of Nokolakevi, Tsalenjikha Church, Tsaishi Monastery.
Specially, I would like to mention the palace of the princes Dadiani in Zugdidi.
There are also many different natural sights: Gachedili Canyon in Martvili with its magnificent waterfalls, the Zugdidi Botanical Garden surrounding the princely palace, Lake Paliostomi.

What to notice

Going to Samegrelo we recommend to try the local cuisine. It differs from the classic Georgian and has its own unique color.

Transport and location
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